Introduction of OKR: Objective Key Results

Allaoui Technologies Introduction of OKR: Objective Key Results

For our work culture, we have now decided to introduce the OKR model. With a clear mission and measurable goals, we create focused work and internal and external transparency.

Objectives and Key Results (OKR) is a system for setting goals and measurements, which was originally developed at Intel and then adopted by Google and many other companies. We at Allaoui Technologies also decided to use the OKR system. It helps us to get out of the small daily todos at regular intervals (every quarter), to see the big picture and to define new goals for the next quarter. Another important aspect of OKR for us was that the entire team is always aligned and that we create transparency both internally and externally.

What is an objective?
An objective is a description of something that you want to achieve. It defines a direction in which the company wants to move in order to get a little closer to its vision. An objective is not technical so anyone can understand it.

What is a key result?
A key result is a result that has to be achieved in order to achieve the objective. It defines a clearly measurable goal. The key results can be used to read at any time how close you are to achieving the objective.

Allaoui Technologies Introduction of OKR: Objective Key Results

Our implementation
We will display our OKRs on a screen in the office so that everyone is always in the picture of what we are actually working on as a company and what we want to achieve in the current quarter.

Before the end of each quarter, we will plan the OKRs for the respective subsequent quarter. We have also decided to make our results for the past quarter accessible to external parties.



Allaoui Technologies Office design - we make ourselves comfortable

Office design – we make ourselves comfortable

After nights of deliberation and hours of Pinterest analysis, we have finally completed the design concept for our office. With energetic color, oxygen-donating plants, a snack bar and cozy furniture, the startup drive can now be felt in every corner. - We love it!

Allaoui Technologies That was our 1st Brown Bag Event

That was our 1st Brown Bag Event

Our first brown bag event was a complete success. In addition to delicious sandwiches and cakes, the entire team presented its final results from QIII 2021. We can proudly look back on the last cycle and are confident about the last quarter of the year.